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Royal Epoxy sells epoxy resin and wood products for homes and businesses in India. Royal Epoxy craftspeople specialize in making one-of-a-kind wood and resin products. Submit your design idea for a piece of custom made epoxy resin and wood products here



Custom Epoxy Products with River Color,Tints,effects

At Royalepoxy, our craftspeople make our own epoxy resin colors and tints for the river dining tables and epoxy resin and wood furniture we handcraft for our clients. We have put years of research into the art of creating these beautiful features that are either poured between two live edge solid wood slabs, or poured into cracks and openings in the natural wood slab. Custom epoxy resin colors are created as a results of extensive conversations with our customers, who give us direction on what they want, and then are given a few epoxy resin samples to choose from. Epoxy resin colors can be built to be completely opaque, or semi-transparent, and can have varying levels of “motion” throughout the design

What we make

Royale Epoxy only makes custom epoxy resin products out of solid wood slabs—generally with the live edge included. A dark river with a light wood is awesome. A light river with a dark wood is even more awesome. You can’t go wrong! Our customers can pick out the exact slab they want when we take them into our warehouse or supplier’s lumberyard via video technology. 


Below are some samples of projects to give you inspiration. These are by no means meant to limit your imagination. Remember, we can make anything!


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Happy Customers

We’ve found that customer reviews are very helpful in keeping our business thriving.We would truly appreciate review from you!

"When it comes to floor coating,epoxy is one of the best option and no doubt Royal Epoxy provides you with the best"
Kamlesh Ghosh
"I purchased an epoxy table from Royal Epoxy last was just amazing .....well-defined and well designed.....Their service is very much satisfying If you are buying an epoxy product for the first time then you should definately get in touch with Royal Epoxy"
Sunil Jaiswal

How We Build

We build completely custom river coffee tables, river side tables, side end tables, and river sofa tables, using natural hardwood slabs and filled with environmentally-friendly epoxy resin. We strive to make the team effort of making a design come to life with a customer as simple as possible. When you submit your design idea, we arrange a call to confirm exact details, including the type of wood, epoxy resin colors, and furniture dimensions. Then, you’re welcome to check in as often as you like to confirm details and see the progress of your project.

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