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Frequently Asked Questions

An epoxy is a thermosetting polymer that possesses unique mechanical and resistance properties. The term epoxy can be used for the cured end product or any of the basic components within epoxy resins

An epoxy resin is a class of thermoset polymer made from a monomer that contains at least two epoxide groups. Epoxy resins can be homopolymerized or cross-linked into a three dimensional network using curatives. A broad assortment of curatives is available for ambient or thermal-curing and include polyfunctional acids, amines, phenols, thiols, alcohols and anhydrides, and are often known as curing agents or hardeners.

The cost of our products vary depending on the following factors
• The style and complexity of the chosen.
• The wood species.
• The wood thickness.
• The use of epoxy resin in the design.
• The level of complexity present in your design.

You can place your order online or you can directly visit our store.

While placing your order you have to give a detail explanation of your chosen design, details of the wood and resign you have selected. Your residential address is needed if you want your product to be delivered to your door. In case you are paying through online mode, your bank details are needed.

Yes…you can change your order within 24 hours of placing your order.

You can cancel your order within 24 hours of placing your order.

All over India

Depends on Distance from our warehouse in Kolkata.

We accept payment methods like

  • Net Banking
  • Cheque
  • Bank transfer
  • UPI
  • Debit Card
  • Credit card

No…we don’t offer installment payments.

In case of fast delivery, charges may increase

Customer can contact us to take any kind of updates.

There is no such fixed delivery charge……… charges depends on the distance from our warehouse in Kolkata.

Before moving out for delivery our delivery boy or our staff will contact you.

Yes we accept returns only if there is a satisfied and logical reason for your return.

No… we don’t exchange any item.

No returns are not free.

Depends on the circumstances

Yes we have our own store.

Visit us at:


New Town, Rajarhat,


near 30C Bus Stand

Each product of ours comes with a life time warranty.

We try to provide our clients with the best services and to do so, we have to follow certain rules and regulations and we expect our clients to follow those regulations

Before taking our services you are required to read the user agreement (or the rules and regulations) and accept all the terms and conditions accordingly. All our products are subjected to these terms and conditions and the same shall govern the contract between the clients and the organization.

The terms and conditions are listed below for reference

  • No cancellation of any products after 24 hours of placing your order. As we buy raw materials and other necessary items in advance; we are bound to honor the commitment of our suppliers. Therefore, customers have to agree to the adhere of the cancellation policy.
  • 70% of the payment needs to be done as an advance and the rest at the time of delivery.
  • Delivery charges vary with time and place. If customer takes the product directly from the store than no delivery charges will be charged.
  • Refund will be done by the organization if the customer cancels the order within 24 hours of placing the order