Let It Be Any Epoxy Design, We Are Here to Help!!

Royal Epoxy designs, handcrafts, ships, delivers and assembles custom live edge epoxy doors,epoxy Tables,Epoxy Cupboard,Epoxy Bowl,Epoxy Tray,Epoxy Lamps,Epoxy Box and other customised epoxy products. With different epoxy resin styles, colors, and wood types for homeowners and businesses across India.

Epoxy Doors

An Epoxy Door is a hybrid door, made out of wooden planks and Rein in between.It looks very attractive.

Epoxy Interior

Epoxy flooring is a creative way to coat your floors and make a safe, durable, appealing work space. 

Epoxy Tables

Epoxy Tables are live edge tables.It can be used as Dining Tables,Congerence Tables,Coffee Tables etc.

Epoxy Cupboard

Epoxy Cupboard is an artistic open-shelved side table for displaying dishware, more specifically plates, cups and saucers.

Epoxy Bowl

Epoxy bowl is a decorative round dish or container typically used to prepare and serve food. 

Epoxy Tray

Epoxy Tray is  a flat, shallow designed container with a raised rim, typically used for carrying food and drink, or for holding small items or loose material.

Epoxy Lamp

Epoxy Lamp is a device for giving light, one consisting of an electric LED together with its holder and shade or cover, and a decorative shade.

Epoxy Box

Epoxy Box is a decorative  container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid.

Design Your Furniture & We’ll Ship To You

We build completely custom epoxy products online for families and businesses across India. Once we receive your first down payment, we select a slab specific to your tastes – you can even FaceTime with your representative to choose which slab you want for the for your project. When your epoxy resin river table is finished, we can ship anywhere within India., or install by-hand if you are local.